This is the official music of the First cloudy film, it was also released on iTunes


Raining Sunshine
Swallow Falls
Introducing Flint
The Latest Invention
The Mayor / Earl Warns Flint
Sam's Big Break
Powering Up
Failure Again
Meatier Shower
A Father's Love
Ice Cream Wonderland
The Mayor's Big Plan
Activation and the Jello Dome
San and Flint Bond
Doubting Dad/Mutations
The Spaghetti Twister
Flint's Determination
The Food Storm
The Mission Begins
Outside the Meatball
Inside the Meatball
Earl Takes Charge
Sentient Chickens
Worldwide Chaos
Anaphylactic Love
Attack of the Gummy Bears
Here's the Cheese
The Heart of the Meatball
Spray-On Triumph
Flint Returns
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

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