The Food Bar is the first invention of Chester V and the key product produced by Live Corp. Chester has been constantly refining this item over the years with versions like the "Food Bar XL, with flavor crystals". When discovered the food produced by Flint Lockwood's FLDSMDFR was more delicious then regular food he offered to clean up Swallow Falls as cover to recover the device. However the FLDSMDFR soon transformed Swallow Falls and filled it with a variety of Foodimals. Undeterred, Chester tricked Flint into thinking the Foodimals were dangerous, and led him to the FLDSMDFR. He then tried to use the device to make more Foodimals to grind into his upcoming "Food Bar version 8.0". The plan was foiled when Flint and Barry broke into the factory and freed Flint's friends and the Foodimals.

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