A Ratbird

Ratbirds is another series of Flint's inventions. They are hybrids of rats and parrots.

Apparently, they went rampant on a wild rampage planned to impolitely pick citizens up and take them up to the sky before they drop them back to the ground. By far in the movie, they get better. They seem to be carnivorous, as they are shown eating hot dogs and bacon. They seem to be fond of Flint, because he is their creator.


Flint's first batch of Ratbirds in a cage.

A Ratbird  also made a cameo in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, where it stands on a giant banana near the shore of the Transformed Swallow Falls and crows while Flint Lockwood, Sam Sparks, Baby Brent, Earl, and Manny the cameraman ride on a boat past it.


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